The Swiss company isofloc is producing blown-in insulation material out of 100% recycled newspaper. After shredding the paper several times, plastic and metal pieces are sorted out.

The new isofloc SOLID was developed in collaboration with the company and is made out of the same insulation material. As part of the research project AOS – aesthetics of sustainability – the loose material was turned into a solid fiber board that either comes flat or can directly be moulded into any three-dimensional shape. The material is very light, yet strong and flexible.
By just adding 4% of water soluble PVA glue, the solid material stays 100% recycled and also recyclable.

As there is still around 10-20% of wastpaper and cardboard in the normal garbage, it is impor- tant to collect waste paper in an easy way.
PAPER PAPER BIN can i.e. be placed next to a printer in order to collect wastpaper. Through its material and the shape of the slot it clearly comunicates to get fed with paper waste. The lid can be opened and closed to easily empty the bin.

écal, Lausanne, 2019
Part of the research project AOS – aesthetics of sustainability
In collaboration with isofloc
Photography: ©fritzjakob