The fascination for monolithic volumes and its visual power inspired me to work on this very strong and formal shape.The aim to create a shape that is adaptable to different situations and several screen sizes, resulted in a TV that can be wall mounted or placed in any shelf or on a desk.

MONO is a concept that treats the advantage of volume in a honest way while being sharp and contemporary. It plays with the point of view, with perspective, with the outer line that changes constantly.

The 1:1 working prototype was developed during a one year workshop. A big thank you for the enriching collaboration goes to SAMSUNG and Erwan Bouroullec.

ECAL, Lausanne 2018-2019
In collaboration with SAMSUNG
Project led by Erwan Bouroullec & Christian Spiess
Photography: Calypso Mahieu & ©fritzjakob

All intellectual property rights of this product belong to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The concept of this product is irrelevant to Samsung‘s merchandising plan.